National Land Transportation Agency (ANTT):

Fee Calculation Manual

National Department of Transportation Infrastructure (DNIT):

Studies to expand the methodology developed in the PNCT for collection, analysis and statistical treatment of road traffic

Studies to propose improvements in road safety conditions of the federal road network under the DNIT jurisdiction

Identification of Weight In Motion systems

Methodology for identification and mapping of critical federal highways segments

National plan for traffic data collection - PNCT

Pilot study on traffic accidents

Weight In Motion Systems

Development and Zoning Plan:

Antonina Port

Paranaguá Port

DNIT/Labtrans Portals:

Traffic risk perception

Road safety program

Special Secretariat of Ports (SEP):

Specialization course in engineering and management


Federal University of Santa Catarina:

Technological Center

Departamento of Civil Engineering

Graduate Program in Civil Engineering

Graduate Program in Transport Engineering and Land Management

Labtrans videos:

Port Innovation

Traffic Microsimulation

National Railway Museum

Revitalization of Paraná State Railway Section

Revitalization of Railway Segments


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